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WestJet Breaks World Record To Surprise Passengers En Route to Vegas

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Toronto passengers flying with WestJet en route to Las Vegas last week got the surprise of a lifetime on their final descent — a kilometer-long, projected-light, prize wheel lighting up on in the middle of the desert.

“WestJet has more flights to Vegas than any other international carrier, so we set out to encapsulate the Vegas experience and combine it with the genuine customer first philosophy WestJet is known for,” says Aaron Starkman Rethink partner and CD.

Unsuspecting travelers were anticipating a view of the famous Strip, but instead, were dazzled with the huge prize wheel, with their seat numbers acting as their bets. This experience had WestJet successfully break two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles; one for the Greatest light output in a projected image and one for the Largest circular projection. The wheel was 785,398 square metres in diameter and reached 4,666,000 lumens – breaking the previous record of 4,264,346 lumens.

“WestJet turned 21 this year and as the airline that brings the most international guests to Las Vegas, we wanted to celebrate by lighting up the desert on descent into the city,” said Rob Daintree, WestJet Director of Marketing. “We always like to raise the bar and this time it was to 12,000 ft. Inspired by the city of Las Vegas, its brilliance, its energy and the wonderful experiences the city provides we wanted to capture this and provide a unique event for our guests on flight 1118.”