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The Shareable Scarf

Work / Rethink / 2018 / Experiential

Giving feels good. So good, in fact, Rethink gave the gift of giving this holiday season in the form of a shareable scarf.

Working in partnership with retail and apparel consulting shop, MVF & Associates, we created a two-in-one scarf, fastened together by four wooden buttons. The buttons are engraved with “Keep Giving” – a holiday twist on one of our values, “Keep Going,” which encourages the best possible solution.

Sent as a holiday surprise to our clients and employees across Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the scarves were neatly tucked away within festive, shiny, gold packages and bound with holiday poems.

The scarves are designed to be separated in two, allowing people to give one half to someone in need, whether it be a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger.