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Global Beer Fridge

Work / Molson Canadian / 2015 / Digital + Social

With the country’s national holiday “Canada Day” coming up July 1st, Molson Canadian wanted to find a way to bring Canadians together to celebrate.

Since Canada is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, the challenge we were faced with, was how could we bring people together in uniquely Canadian way? 

Our answer came in the form of the iconic Beer Fridge. But this time, the only way to open it was for six people to say I Am Canadian in six different languages. 

We partnered with the only technology company able to bring this creative idea to life: Google. When someone said “I Am Canadian”, the Wi-Fi enabled fridge converted voice to text using Google’s Speech Recognition API to determine the language. Once the six languages were recognized, an electro-magnet was triggered, opening the fridge and revealing Molson Canadian’s to everyone to celebrate with.


The Global Beer Fridge generated a total of over 105 million impressions and 2.3 million video views.

During the Pan Am games, the 30 second TV spot aired during some of the highest viewed events. 

Over 191 online publications published articles about the Global Beer Fridge, with Canada AM hosting a segment dedicated to the Fridge and its story. There were also over 34,000 individuals who shared the Global Beer Fridge within their social channels.