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IKEA Lamp 2

Work / IKEA / 2018 / Video

In 2002, the brand came out with ‘Lamp,’ an iconic spot directed by Spike Jonze that told the story of a woman discarding her old lamp for a new one. It’s a sentimental story where you truly feel sorry for the old lamp. Until IKEA pulls the rug out from under you – enter their iconic Swedish spokesperson Jonas cheekily saying: “Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you’re crazy. It has no feelings, and the new one is much better.”

Fast forward to 2018, when IKEA partnered with Rethink as the brand announced their new circular perspective . We pick up where it was left off to tell the story of what happens next, when we choose to give our furniture another life.

The sequel supports Ikea’s “Beautiful Possibilities” platform, focusing on sustainability. The Swedish retailer and the world’s largest home furnishings company has set out to reduce their environmental footprint by enabling Canadians to prolong the life of their products and, if it is time for them to leave your home, to do it in a responsible way.

The spot not only continues where the original ‘Lamp’ left off, it is scattered with nods to the 2002 spot. It features iconic Swedish Spokesperson Jonas 16 years later, standing in the rain wearing an identical outfit. The spot also uses the same composer, Ren Klyce as the original. We made sure to sweat the details, even mimicking the dark rainy atmosphere and the same spray paint on the garbage can.

And it turns out that people were keen to know what happened to the lamp, with Ad Age, Fast Company and Muse covering the spot. It was also picked up as Age Age’s #1 spot on its creativity top five and Adweek’s ad of the week.