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The Banana Stamp

Work / Fairtrade Canada / 2019 / Video

99% of the bananas sold in Canada are not Fairtrade certified. To help change this, we worked with Fairtrade Canada to create the first ever Banana Stamp, a simple tool to help spread their message where it can’t be ignored–directly on the bananas.

Canada imports approximately $548 million worth of bananas each year, with only 1% being Fairtrade. This means that the majority of Canada’s bananas are at risk of potential human rights violations and poor environmental practices. Most Canadians are unaware of the serious costs of relying on cheaper conventional bananas. 

To help raise awareness and inspire action, we sent the stamps to Fairtrade demonstration teams across the country. Shoppers then found bananas bruised with jarring facts warning them of the consequences of cheap produce. 

The facts are a reflection of the social and environmental costs that are externalized and pushed further down the supply chain, with the burden usually falling on banana workers and their communities.

The Behind the Peel stamps direct consumers to a website where they can submit a request to their local retailer to urge them to carry fairtrade bananas.