Shakiyl Cox


Shak graduated from University of Guelph Humber with a Bachelors in Media Communications, College Diploma in Media Communications (Hons.) and completed his Master Degree at Ryerson University in Media Production.

Before Rethink, Shak held roles at Touche Media and Viral Nation in Toronto where he worked on internationally awarded campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

As an Account Manager at Rethink, Shak brings with him extensive experience from his work in the automotive, gaming and tech verticals.

Shak is also a total DC and Marvel Universe nerd, and he can probably have a full conversation with you by quoting lines from all of the movies. When he’s not working or watching these movies, he’s hosting his weekly podcast Not With The Hype discussing music, pop culture, and wild conspiracy theories such as the existence of the lizard people. Have they really been here all along?!