Katie Colhoun


Despite the movie not aging well, Katie had advertising in the back of her brain since watching What Women Want in cinema in elementary school. She took a very roundabout way of landing on her feet as a producer: starting her career in politics, then tech, schmoozing clients in business development at Stink Studios, and surviving a few years in account management. It became clear to Katie that the thing she was most passionate about was bringing the script to life, and the craft that went into productions. Throughout her career, she has worked on many award-winning campaigns for clients like Google, The National Health Service (The NHS), Spotify, and Honda. 

Katie moved to Vancouver in Jan 2021 having spent the better part of a decade living and working in London. She often finds herself having to translate her thoughts back to Canadian and hopes for some British slang to catch on in the office. Outside of work, Katie unwinds by travelling and trying new cuisines around the world, practicing meditation, yoga, and listening to spirituality podcasts and books. She’s fascinated with understanding the meaning to life and thinks it may be found on a remote island somewhere while sipping a coconut in the sunshine—but hasn’t done enough research, yet.