Rethink wins gold at the 2020 Clio Sports Awards.

Blog / October 29, 2020

The Clio Sports Awards announced their 2020 winners and Rethink has been awarded one gold, two silver and a bronze statue. 

The Government of Ontario’s, Rowans Law ‘The Risk’ won three of the statues (gold in social good, silver in film technique cinematography, and bronze in film technique music). 

The TV spot took on the conventions of sports marketing campaigns, and the effect they have on athletes’ attitudes towards sports by showing the dangers of pushing too hard after a concussion.

Raptors Republic’s Ka’Wine & Dine won a silver in the partnerships, sponsorships & collaborations category. 

The initiative took place in May 2019, when the Toronto Raptors were entering the NBA Playoffs with incredible momentum. With a bolstered roster featuring one of the best players in the NBA, Kawhi Leonard, a championship title for the team and for the city had never been within such close reach.

However, there was a black cloud looming over the city who was buzzing with excitement—the ongoing discussion as to whether the team’s star player would re-sign for another season. 

It was this uncertainty that provided a role for Raptors Republic, a Toronto-based blog, to give Toronto fans a pulpit to express their support in a unique way. Enter Ka’Wine and Dine—an initiative where restaurants placed a badge in their windows, pledging to give Kawhi free food for life if he re-signed to the Toronto Raptors.