IOFA With Aaron Starkman Honoured With Adweek Podcast of the Year Award.

Blog / December 7, 2019

This week the inaugural Adweek Podcast of the Year Awards were announced. Rethink partner Aaron Starkman was honoured with an award for his podcast It’s Only F****** Advertising

The awards, announced on Adweek, recognize the hard work, innovation and creativity going into the podcasting medium. It aims to celebrate outstanding podcasts aimed at professional audiences in the advertising industry. 

IOFA sees Starkman interview notable advertising figures from around the globe. Earlier this year he interviewed Rethink founders Chris Staples and Ian Grais, chatting about why they put their phones in safes on vacation, a worst meeting ever that was so bad it made the news and some exciting news for 2020. 

You can listen to the episode featuring Staples and Grais on Apple Podcasts or online.