Rethink features four times in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual.

Blog / November 14, 2019

Communication Arts magazine, a professional journal for those involved in creativity in visual communications, has announced the winners of its 26th annual interactive competition. Rethink is thrilled to have four entries featuring in the upcoming publication (released March/April 2020).  

This is the highest score Rethink has ever had in the interactive annual, capping off 2019 as our most successful year to date across all of the Communication Arts competitions: Typography, Advertising, Design & Interactive. This year we’ve featured a total of 20 times. 

The BWSS (Battered Women’s Support Services) Peephole will feature under the environmental category. This interactive transit ad put the viewer in the shoes of a person experiencing violence by their intimate partner. The simulation was part of BWSS’s campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, encouraging the public to help speak up against acts of gender-based violence and donate to organizations helping victims.

Monstercat’s EDM Piano will also feature under the environmental category. Monstercat is an international music label based in Vancouver. To promote their annual EDM music festival to the general public, we decided to surprise Vancouverites with a one-of-a-kind street piano that lets people create their own looping tracks seamlessly, no matter their music ability.

Fondation Emergence’s Pride Flagging campaign will feature in the social category. The Chrome Extension scrubs Twitter for 50 hateful terms in 15 different languages, striking through them with the colours of the Pride Flag, the universal symbol for diversity and inclusion. This is the first tool that automatically flags online homophobia.

The IKEA: Bedtime campaign was successful under the social category too. When people stayed up late to watch YouTube videos, we created targeted ads telling them to go sleep. As well as the opening time of their nearest IKEA so they could go buy a new mattress.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved.