Rethink wins four Clio Awards.

Blog / September 4, 2019

The Clio Awards announced their 2019 winners and Rethink has been awarded two silver and two bronze statues. 

Rowan’s Law ‘The Risk’ for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of Ontario won two silvers and a bronze in collaboration with Scouts Honor & Grayson Matthews, under the film technique discipline for cinematography, music original and direction. 

The Risk’ TV spot took on the conventions of sports marketing campaigns, and the effect they have on athletes attitudes towards sports by showing the dangers of pushing too hard after a concussion.

Rethink and IKEA also received a bronze for the Bedtime campaign in digital/mobile. We partnered with Google to create a series of contextually relevant ads.

Each video called out the exact time of night and content being watched, ensuring totally unique messages were customized to each viewer. We even told them exactly how much time remained until IKEA opened, so they could go buy a better mattress. 

A big congratulations and thank you to everyone involved.