This concussion ad makes you question everything sports marketing has told us.

Blog / May 27, 2019

Risk it all, Whatever it takes, All-in. There’s no shortage of brands telling us to lay it all on the line. That notion is being challenged by  the Ontario Government with the launch of their new concussion awareness campaign. 

The campaign launched with The Risk, produced by Rethink. The film references big brand sports look and feel, but as the spot progresses, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. The spots’ seemingly triumphant end is bluntly halted by a collapsing player and the line “Don’t Risk Everything”.

The campaign is part of a broader government initiative to create awareness around Rowan’s Law. The law, a concussion protocol legislation, is named after Rowan Stringer, an Ontario high-school rugby player who tragically died after sustaining multiple concussions at the age of just 17.