Rethink features 15 times in the Applied Arts Design Annual 2019.

Blog / May 24, 2019

The Applied Arts Design annual winners have been announced and Rethink will be featured a total of 15 times. The work spreads across all three offices and 9 different clients. The annual will be published this summer, but here’s a quick preview of the chosen work:

Worthy Causes:

The Sobering Report’ for Arrive Alive Drive Sober takes their digital report and shows the effects of any intoxication, making it appear as if you’re getting more intoxicated the more you scroll. Users can ‘sober up’ any time to read the report, demonstrating that the safest way to drive is 100% sober.

For International Day Against Homophobia we worked with Emergence Fondation to create The Pride Shield—a 193-layer LGBT flag that can stop bullets; demonstrating that when we stand together, we can stop violence.

A&W’s Last Straw 35ft installation piece was made out of 140,000 repurposed A&W plastic straws. Placed outside of Toronto’s Union Station, the piece reminded passersby that ‘Change is Good’—a sentiment A&W wanted to convey as they became the first restaurant chain in North America to ban plastic straws.

A little bit of fun:

For Pride Month, IKEA gave drag queens IKEA products to repurpose into stunning outfits. The result was DRÄG. The campaign included a live fashion event, a live social stream from influencers, a high fashion photoshoot, a beautiful online video, an out-of-home campaign, and resulted in a brand new social shopping experience.

This year’s campaign for Vancouver’s popular theme park Playland, turned bodily fluids associated with fear, fun, and nausea into fun-loving, positive emoji’s.

When the day to legalize cannabis in Canada finally came, Leaf Forward, a cannabis business accelerator, decided to help Canadians celebrate. ‘Pass The Bill’—a limited line of rolling papers printed with legalization bill C-45—was launched.


To get people primed for Rethink’s annual ping pong tournament ‘King Pong’, we created a poster you can play by tapping into your smartphone’s accelerometer.

Megan O’Connor (a Vancouver-based film editor) needed a business card that not only communicated what she does, but promoted her services. So, we decided to take her contact information and rearrange it, much like a film editor would tackle raw footage.

We took scraps of idea-filled paper found in Rethinkers’ recycling bins and turned our pile of nothing into inspiration. The Rethink Pencils serve as a reminder to keep going when you feel stuck and know that your best idea is in there, somewhere.

And finally, Rethink designed new playful packaging for Matchstick Coffee.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved!