How to use data without losing your soul.

Blog / February 25, 2019

By Hans Thiessen



A contentious four-letter word.

But when used to fuel – not replace – creative thinking, data can have a positive impact. Here are three examples:



Every 16 minutes in America, someone is shot and killed. Yet President Trump continues to fight against common sense gun laws.

Working with States United to Prevent Gun Violence, we used real-time data from over 2,500 media, law enforcement, and government sources to create Backfire–a tool that auto-tweets Trump from your account each time an American dies from gun violence.


What Vancouver’s Talking About

Working with CBC Vancouver, we showed what the city was feeling, thinking, and talking about in real-time.

Using a variety of social media listening tools, Vancouver specific topics were tracked, categorized, and displayed in real-time. As the conversation shifted, so did the digital installation.


The Thermal Discount

Sometimes the best ‘data’ is found offline.

Teaming up with Sports Experts, we tracked commuters’ body temperatures to encourage active lifestyles.

An interactive display and thermal detecting camera were installed in a Montreal subway station. People who used the stairs received a discount based on how high their body temperature rose. The more you sweat, the more you get.

So whatever you’re trying to accomplish with data–from ending gun violence in America to simply getting your customers to sweat more–nothing is too audacious with a little creative thinking leading the way.