Rethink celebrates 32 ADCC Awards.

Blog / November 9, 2018

The ADCC show took place last night in Toronto. Rethink came away with a total of 32 awards (four gold, 13 silver and 15 merits)! The work is spread across 15 different clients and all three Rethink offices. Check out some of the highlights below.

Westjet wins gold.

WestJet won four golds for their world record breaking Desert Roulette. Toronto passengers flying en route to Vegas got the surprise of a lifetime on their final descent—a kilometer-long, projected-light, prize wheel lighting up in the middle of the desert.

Public Service Ads grabbed attention for good causes.

YWCA’s Six Second Ambush Advisories was awarded Silver, having hijacked YouTube’s advanced ad targeting with unskippable six-second pre-roll ads warning viewers of sexualized music videos. And Auto Dealers Against Distracted Driving’s posters illustrated an insight that everyone can relate to; it’s simply impossible to focus on two things at once. The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion also won Silver for their new anthem for Canada ‘Free AF’ that redefined what it means to be free.

The judges appreciated a touch of humour.

IKEA radio spots ‘Cheffy’ and ‘Flambé’ were both awarded Silvers along with Merits for Blissful Bathroom and IKEA’s Beautiful Possibilities brand spot. Carex Mini Storage’s ‘Small Spaces For Your Big Secrets’ humorous campaign also received two Silvers. The prints showcased how the mini-storage spaces could be used by Donald Trump to stock a few wigs, by Nasa to fake the moon landing or by Kim Jong-un, to secretly hide all of his favourite Americana memorabilia.

Sports Experts provided an experience.

The ‘Thermal Discount’ was awarded Silver and two Merits for the interactive display equipped with a thermal detecting camera installed above the stairs in a Montreal subway station. Meanwhile ‘Ghosts of the Forum‘ received a Merit. To celebrate the long term sponsorship of the Montréal Canadiens, Sports Experts teamed up with a paranormal expert to bring the ghosts of the players past to rejoin the hockey team at their new arena for luck. 

Rethink’s design strength recognized with 10 awards.  

The design pieces ranged across nine different clients in a variety of sectors. Megan O’Connor’s business card, DesignThinkers 2017 and Rethink’s very own King Pong tournament were all awarded Silver. While design work for National Film Board of Canada, Seva, DreamBlock, Craft Metrics, Pacific Property Group and Berlitz all received Merits.

Congratulations to everyone involved!