These brutal images remind us to stop sucking the life out of our oceans.

Blog / July 31, 2018

As you scan the news, it seems like every major restaurant chain is ditching plastic straws for good.  And people are finally recognizing that using a straw to slurp down their smoothie isn’t worth the harm it causes our sea creatures. But while some are eliminating straws from their establishments, there are many more who have yet to commit.

We worked with Greenpeace to design these graphic images to prompt businesses large and small to rethink their straw usage.

And straws are just the first step in making people think about what they throw away.

“Businesses large and small need to rethink their plastic usage overall,” said Sarah King, Head of Oceans & Plastics Campaign at Greenpeace Canada. “Straws are a great way to start the conversation but all throwaway plastic, like lids, cups, containers, and packaging, is fueling the plastic pollution crisis. We need to see companies innovating beyond plastic and truly reducing their massive plastic footprints on our blue planet and communities.”

Greenpeace is part of the global Break Free From Plastic movement, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at the source. To learn how to take action on this issue, click here.

Since launch the campaign has featured in publications all over the world, including Hungary, Brazil and Mexico.