Rethink joins worldwide network of independent agencies, strengthens its ability to service Canadian brands with global ambitions.

Blog / March 15, 2018

Canada’s only national independent agency, Rethink, is joining forces with ICOM, one of the world’s largest global networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies.

“Canadians should be proud of the many homegrown brands that now have a substantial presence on the global stage,” said Founding Partner Tom Shepansky. “For us to deliver strategic and creative ideas that solve these types of clients’ expanding business challenges we needed access to a strong global network that shared Rethink’s independent spirit while providing our brands with global reach.”

Today, Rethink has a strong national presence with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Joining ICOM gives Rethink an opportunity to expand its portfolio and offer further-reaching services to our Canadian clients.

Rethink is excited to work in tandem with ICOM’s long-time Canadian member Quarry, recognized as one of the premier, technology-savvy B2B agencies in North America.

Ken Whyte, Quarry president and ICOM North America regional director, said Rethink adds valuable experience to the ICOM network. “Together our two agencies provide strong coverage across all communication sectors throughout Canada and are well prepared to meet any needs of our ICOM partner agencies around the world and their clients wherever they may be.”

“One of the advantages of ICOM is the philosophy of shared learning among agencies, as we continually work to provide the best to our respective client bases,” said Whyte. “Rethink is one of those agencies that can ‘up’ our collective game, not only in North America, but around the globe.”

ICOM Board Chairman Bob Morrison, also chairman & ceo, Morrison, Atlanta, Ga., USA, echoes Whyte’s sentiments: “The addition of Rethink to ICOM brings new strength and capability to our global alliance of formidable independent agencies and helps further reinforce our ability to serve the biggest brands in the world, in any country in the world.”

Membership in ICOM provides agencies the same benefits of a multinational global agency network while at the same time allowing ICOM members to remain independent. Agencies have immediate access to shared international resources and databases. Principals are encouraged to develop ongoing relationships with other member agency owners like themselves in a non-competitive environment. Agencies applying for membership are carefully vetted to assure they share the same values, goals, and philosophy of other ICOM members.