Three tips for junior creatives on the job hunt.

Blog / January 10, 2018

By Hans Thiessen

1. Be clear about what you do.

“I’m a multi-talented creative individual” is a fancy way of saying “I’m not entirely sure what I do, so please don’t hire me”.

Stick to real roles like “writer”, “art director” or “designer”.

2. Lose the résumé.

​If you’re trying to land your dream job with a “creative” résumé, you’ve already lost. Creative directors are looking for brilliant ideas, not bar graphs highlighting your self-proclaimed 75% mastery of Photoshop.

Get on LinkedIn instead. It’s quick to set up and harnesses the power of the internet.

3. Focus on your portfolio.

An online portfolio – filled to the brim with creative gems – will land you a job ​99.99% of the time. No poorly executed piece of personal promotion required.

Not sure how to build an amazing portfolio? Look no further!