Candy cane invention transforms phones into Christmas ornaments

Blog / December 15, 2015

To help people disconnect from their phones this holiday season, we created the Rethink Ornament:

Part phone accessory, part digital ornament, this candy cane prototype was fashioned out of a festive holiday pen and a custom headphone jack that still allows speakers to function to enjoy holiday jams:

And with the help of this site filled with animated ornaments, distracting devices become dynamic displays just like this:

The cool candy striped gadget isn’t widely available yet, but now there’s finally a fun use for old tangled headphones:

Or class it up a bit with a crafty DIY version made from a regular candy cane and those tangled headphones:

As this adorable animated film points out, we’ll inevitably spend too much time with our phones and too little time connecting with our friends and family over the holidays… but hanging up our phones may help us reconnect:

And bask in the warm, undistracted glow of our loved ones’ company (or whatever).

Visit the Rethink Ornament site to select your very own animated ornament. Happy holidays to you and your family from all of us at Rethink!