Six tips for building a book that gets noticed.

Blog / October 26, 2015

By Leia Rogers

Building your junior book is daunting but fun. It’s the only time in your career when you can go crazy and come up with ideas for any client you want. No briefs, no constraints. The better your book, the better the agency you’ll get into, so here are some tips to help you get yours to the top of the pile.

140 Words 6 TIps

1. Ideas come first.

Don’t lose the idea in the craft. Creative directors are looking for conceptual thinkers, not the best Photoshop artists.

2. Peer review.

Share your book and get feedback from anyone you can. Your ideas need to be clear to everyone, not just agency insiders.

3. Show a range of work.

Print ads are a great way to show how you think conceptually, but they’re not indicative of the industry today. Including smart social/digital ideas will set you apart.

4. Be ruthless.

Self-editing is hard, but crucial. Creative directors often judge your book by its weakest project, not the strongest, so lose the filler.

5. Keep going.

A good book is never done. Always be working on something new to replace your weakest project.

6. Know the bar.

Creep some junior creatives’ books on LinkedIn. Does your work stack up? No? Go back to step 5. Yes? Send us your book!