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Sports Experts brings the Ghosts of the Forum back to help the Habs.

Work / Sports Experts / 2017 / Digital + Social

The Montreal Canadiens played at the Forum for nearly six decades and moved to the Bell Centre in 1995. In their wake they left memories, history and what everyone called ‘The Ghosts of the Montreal Forum’.

These so called Ghosts are the spectres of players passed who, according to the legend, would come back from the dead and help the Habs at crucial moments. Missed shots, unexpected goal posts, lucky bounces, fans would say they were all the Ghosts work that lead to 24 memorable championships. Not one has been won since the team moved.

To celebrate its longlasting sponsorship, Sports Experts set out to bring the Ghosts back to the Bell Centre to lend the team a hand. We teamed up with paranormal expert Roger Mainville to make contact and the rest is, or at least we hope, history.