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Shaw and Netflix – Epic Stranger Things Scavenger Hunt.

Work / Shaw / 2017 / Experiential/ACTS

To celebrate the integration of Netflix into Shaw’s new BlueSky TV platform and the release of Stranger Things 2, the two brands teamed up to surprise fans in Canada.

The iconic (and scary!) alphabet lights featured in Netflix’s Stranger Things 1 were reimagined to share messages and clues with fans that revealed specific locations for fans to run to:

Once fans reached the secret locations spelled out by the lights, they used the Shaw BlueSky TV voice-remote to unlock prizes like the new iPhone 8, iPads, TVs, official merch, Netflix gift cards and Eggo waffles:

But first they had to complete a few challenges in the theme of the show including things like finding a remote hidden in a spooky park:

Or finding a remote in a pool full of slime on the school grounds around the corner:

Racing a retro banana seat bike:

And a pumpkin patch hidden directly under the lights, almost like the UPSIDE DOWN!

The grand prize was the ultimate binge pack including a recliner, soundbar, 53” TV and Netflix gift cards (and all the EGGOS!):

People who couldn’t make it to the lights could follow the clues on Instagram or by watching Daily Hive’s live stream.

The scavenger hunt was so creepy it featured on Daily Hive and in Strategy Magazine’s round-up of Halloween fun.

Stranger Things Season 2 starts streaming October 27 and is now available to binge-watch via Shaw’s BlueSky TV with a subscription to Netflix.