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In the fall of 2016, Shaw launched their new “Wide Open 150” Internet product, which boasts ultra fast download speeds of 150 mbps at an affordable price. To support our full scale mass awareness campaign, we deployed a series of digital video ads that demonstrated our fast and cheap messaging in a fun and entertaining way.


Understanding that we were launching a core new product with a long lifetime, we began with multiple tests and variations to see what stuck with the audience. We then followed up with 2 subsequent campaigns that build and iterated off what we learned from the launch campaign, but tied to key occasions (like the Holidays) and also kept the creative fresh.


We launched with four spots on Facebook and YouTube preroll. We tested and optimized our budget in real-time based on performance.

We also tested sequencing our harder working offer ads to users who had seen our videos past 3 seconds. This drove better results (click through rates, cost per click) versus the broader targeting.

We always rethink and iterate our strategy to maximize results. Insights from the first phase of the campaign were baked into the next “Holiday 150” phase, even as we continued testing more creative and media optimizations.

For the launch of the ‘Holiday 150’ phase, we deployed 3 new videos, staying within the same fast and cheap messaging strategy, but refreshed creatively to align with the winter season.

Again using the insight from user behaviours on Instagram and Facebook, we created cut downs of the 15 second ads. These yielded some of the best results in the whole campaign with up to 3x higher conversion rates. We also ran these 6-second ads as YouTube bumper spots to cost-effectively drive higher reach and frequency around our single most important message of “Fast and Cheap Internet”.



In our first phase, we reached 83% of our target audience in Western Canada with an average of 11 impressions per person over 4 months. For the second phase, we reached 54% of the target audience in the Western area but with less than ⅓ of the budget.


Shaw’s association with “fast and affordable Internet” saw a statistically significant lift, amongst our core target, of +8% points in phase 1 and +13% points in phase 2.


We saw our lowest cost per acquisition ever for a product that requires customers to lock into a 2-year contract.