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Bringing families together. (Sort of).

Work / Shaw / 2016 / Brand Story

Each year, Canadian families consume more and more WiFi. To get ahead of this increase in WiFi consumption, Shaw released a faster, further-reaching WiFi modem, which offered Canadians stronger signals in every room of the house. 

The challenge was to explain the benefits of this new modem to Canadian families in a clear and relatable way. Our solution was to take Bud, the beloved Shaw Bot, and give him a WiFi-obsessed family.

The new family was created with the issues of the modern family in mind – they love to download, surf, and binge-watch their favourite shows.

Shaw’s new WiFi modem offered them the freedom to Internet to their heart’s content from any room in their home. 

“Meowdem” TV Spot

A key to the campaign’s success was tapping into real family insights across all channels.

The radio spot used the family to clearly explain the further-reaching WiFi signal of the new modem.

Conveyor Belt Stunt – We illustrated the strength of the new WiFi modem with a unique conveyor belt execution in grocery stores.