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Coors Light website redesign

Work / Coors Light / 2015 / Digital + Social

We were asked to modernize It needed to be a fun, immersive destination for the brand and a true representation its values. It also needed to be responsive and accessible on tablets and smartphones. We created an interactive springboard for all of the brand’s activations and social initiatives.

Our audience target are  males and females, LDA – 29. The Coors Light drinkers see the potential for fun everywhere, they look and live active lifestyles, both socially and athletically. They see the world as one big playground that is there to be relished. They invite others to lighten-up, to lean-in and to enjoy the ride.

With our drinkers being fluent in digital and social, the challenge was to create a site that offered something outside of just an aggregation of content from Coors Light’s other platforms.

We created an interactive journey through the Coors Light mountains. Using CSS perspective techniques we simulated climbing up the motion of moving  the  mountain. When a user scrolls or swipes up, the scenery passes  by  creating a parallax effect travelling  through different levels of the experience.

Coors Light Website 1
Coors Light Website 2
Coors Light website 3
Coors Light website 4