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These posters prove that you can’t focus on two things at once.

Work / Auto Dealers Against Distracted Driving / 2018 / Print/Outdoor

As part of an annual campaign in which auto dealers across the country highlight the negative impact of distracted driving, Rethink created a series of in-store posters.

Instead of taking a fear-based approach, the posters illustrate a simple insight that everyone can relate to: it’s simply impossible to focus on two things at once.

Different posters made this point in different ways. A single poster utilized photographic depth-of-field, leaving the headline and background out of focus. A double execution placed two posters side-by-side with the headline words alternating between them, forcing the reader to shift their focus repeatedly. Special lenticular posters were also developed, creating a shifting “rack focus” effect that brings the insight to life as the viewer passes by.