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Burger Patrol

Work / A&W / 2016 / Digital + Social

The snowy peaks of Lake Louise Ski Resort was home to two unlikely heroes this winter: a loving burger ambassador named Ryan, and his hard working St. Bernard, Martin.

Who were these valiant, selfless heroes? They called themselves Burger Patrol. Equipped with a 6-foot-tall bag filled with Teen Burgers and hearts full of passion, they set out to rescue skiers and snowboarders from all burger emergencies.

Sure, there were some tragedies. They couldn’t save everyone.

But whether they were saving fallen snowboarders or stranded chairlift passengers, Ryan and Martin did everything they could to make the ski hill a happier place for all.

Our heroes also provided the ammunition for the world’s first “180 Japan Burger” trick by snowboarder Jonathan Ruel.

Needless to say, it was a great day for all at Lake Louise.

Here’s what a few people have been saying about the dynamic duo around the web: