A&W: Ryan, the Social Icon

Work / A&W / 2016 / Digital + Social

This past spring, Ryan Beil, a Vancouver comedian and actor launched a campaign on Twitter in an effort to get his job back at A&W. Known previously as “Ryan The Trainee” in A&W’s series of humorous commercials from a few years ago, Ryan was looking to reprise his role (of sorts). Over the previous year, A&W had been looking for ways to increase their presence across all social media channels, specifically seeking a unique way of engaging a young, millennial-based audience within this space. It felt like the perfect opening for Ryan to audition for, wink wink. 

Keeping in mind A&W’s brand mission for social and their social purpose “to inspire burger spirit,” we knew Ryan would be the perfect conduit to connect with burger lovers in Canada and beyond.

While other brands have successfully used characters within the social space, Ryan was one of the first characters to return from the past and truly relate to the target audience. The initial rollout included static and video content launching the limited-time Sriracha Teen Burger. 

Once Ryan’s character was re-introduced and fans across the social space joined in and spread the news, we launched the first ever “Float Thru” on the Penticton channel, handing out Teen Burgers to surprise floater-bys. As Ryan’s character continues to evolve, there will be a wide range of opportunities for fans and burger lovers to engage with Ryan on the street, and witness all of his crazy antics.  

Our content was further amplified through millennial news outlets to reach an even larger audience.


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