Morgan Tierney

Morgan Tierney


Morgan’s interest in advertising can be traced back to her teens, when she sent a series of angry letters to a yogurt company complaining about their unnecessarily shrill TV spots. Thanks in part to those earsplitting ads, she was driven to pursue a career as a copywriter.  

At UBC, Morgan got a psych degree and played goalie for the varsity hockey team. After graduating and spending a few years in the “real world,” she realized that her Bachelor of Arts just wasn’t going to cut it. She quit her cushy government job, got her Copywriting Certificate from Humber College, and then finally found her way to Rethink.

Morgan’s diverse resume includes stints slicing deli meat, shoveling chicken manure, dangling from catwalks, painting over graffiti, and organizing teddybear picnics. Her claims to fame include being a “medal girl” at the 2010 Olympics and getting violently ill at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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