Mitch McKamey

Mitch McKamey


Mitch is a digital account manager at Rethink, where he helps his clients maximize their effectiveness across their digital marketing channels.

Mitch started his career as the Director of Duties & Cuties at an international fashion brand, traveling the globe, managing photo shoots and hiring underwear models. Tough gig. Since then, Mitch has spent the past six years working in various agencies, such as Cossette and Blast Radius, and has jumped the fence between both account management and digital production roles. Mitch has worked with a wide variety of clients including some of the top brands in the world such as Nike, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Sony PlayStation.

Mitch is a city boy at heart, but having grown up in the sticks, he loves getting back to his roots by fishing in the Fraser River, dirt biking and hitting the slopes as much as possible. 

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