Liana Mascagni


Liana is an art director at Rethink, but don’t be fooled by her lack of accent. She is Italian through and through, and mostly subsists on (and consists of!) pizza. Before moving to Vancouver, Liana lived in Florence and Toronto, but takes up full residence on the surface of the moon.

After receiving two high school diplomas, a sociology degree from UBC and a diploma from Humber College in advertising and graphic design, her family started to pressure her into  marrying rich. Instead, Liana saw the Science World seagull ad and vowed to become an art director at Rethink.

She is fond of tablets and editing suites, although nothing can replace the rush of putting pencil to paper. Doodles for life!  

When not at Rethink, Liana loves to visit art galleries, drink craft beer and listen to any kind of live music. If you want to contact her, you must have at least one recommendation for each, in the form of a GIF.