Jordan Cohen


Jordan Cohen has led a storied life of emotion and struggle. Raised by the president of a Susan Sarandon fan club— SurFANdom— Jordan developed an early taste for melodrama and violently crying while eating.

After discovering SurFANdom was less a Sarandon fan club and more a post new-age cult, Jordan came to the realization that the actress hadn’t made a respectable career choice since 2000’s Rugrats The Movie 2: Rugrats in Paris, and vowed to escape. The following year Jordan accomplished that goal only to be courted by yet another Susanne Sarandon cult days later.

Jordan is also from Toronto where he attended the creative advertising program at Humber College. He interned at Y&R and had a brief stint with GJP before moving to Vancouver for the opportunity to work with Rethink. Jordan loves music and spends more money on concert tickets per week than he does on food (that says a lot because Jordan loves food and eats it pretty much every day). He plays the bass, devours comedy and reads books sometimes.

In the last year, Jordan has developed an insatiable urge to find and destroy Susan Sarandon; however, he is still inexplicably attracted to the back of Tim Robbins’ knees.

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