Hanna Chen


The daughter of an art teacher and a graphic designer, Hanna developed a passion for creativity at a young age. She studied classical animation and graphic design after high school before discovering that web development satisfied both her creative interests and her insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Hanna comes to Rethink after working as a full stack developer at Grip Limited and Loblaw Digital. She has experience building websites of all shapes and sizes: large-scale eCommerce sites, Facebook apps, and highly interactive microsite’s. Passionately curious, Hanna is always looking for new challenges that allow her to wield her weapons of choice (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java) or expand her knowledge and skill set by learning something new and exciting.

When Hanna isn’t chopping up code, she can be found slicing and dicing in the kitchen, working on an art project, or even in the dojo practicing Kendo, the Japanese art of swordsmanship.

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