Daylan Wong

Daylan Wong


Daylan graduated from BCIT with a marketing management diploma and a specialization in communications.

After pursuing an education to become a dental hygienist, Daylan realized he didn’t want to spend the rest of his professional career staring inside people’s mouths all day. His fascination with advertising, branding and design led him to pull a 180 and enroll in the marketing management program at BCIT.

During his last semester in the program, Daylan cut his teeth as an account services intern at Rethink. Upon completion of his internship, Daylan joined Rethink in 2010 and currently helps manage projects on the A&W account.

Daylan nerds out on Star Wars, Transformers and Cranium. He hopes that his knowledge of obscure pop culture will one day win him money. In the meantime, he runs an independent clothing side-project called The RiffRaffs with a friend.

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