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Andy King


Before Andy landed in advertising, he stumbled through many other occupations. To name a few, he was once: a bin man, a hotel manager, a warehouse dogsbody, a delivery man extraordinaire, a bad barman, and an even worse housekeeper.

Luckily for him, he found his feet as a copywriter at a Berlin-based agency. Four years later, those same feet walked him through the doors at the Rethink office in Vancouver.  

Through gritted teeth, Andy will admit he was the sixth best player in the world at Quake 3 Team Arena. He has a rare yet mesmerizing talent for turning empty crisp packets into triangles and likes to think he’s “the don” at foozeball. He’s really not.

He once had the pleasure of going on holiday with Joe Strummer from The Clash, who subsequently sang and released a song about him. Yep, that actually happened.

Finally, he’s never understood Sudoku, how it’s properly pronounced or why it even exists.

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