Receptionist/admin assistant


Are you qualified to herd sheep? 

If so, we want you to come work for us. We are in need of a receptionist/admin assistant.  If you are currently in the service industry and can serve two sections at once without breaking a sweat, the “regulars” all know and love you, most days you think you could benefit from go go gadget arms, you plan events in your sleep and no customer walks away unhappy, then you’re probably perfect for us.

Past experience in ping-pong, Lego, opening or closing a fridge with beer in it, turf appreciation, or telling people where they need to go and when would also be super helpful. The position is a mix of reception, admin, scheduling, and a whole lot of badass superhero ninja stuff. (But only from 9-5.) 

The successful candidate will:
 – Stay organized in a constantly changing environment.
 – Be a problem solver who resolves issues quickly and effectively without breaking a sweat.
– Show confidence in making daily decisions regarding vendor contracts, office aesthetics, and basic IT needs with minimal guidance.
– Be excited and passionate about being an integral part of every little detail in the company’s growth.

If you think you’re right for the job, fill out the form here.  If you don’t think you’re right for it, apply anyway and we’ll confirm your doubt.   

In this position, the right person can have a big impact in a growing office full of fun, creative people.