Campaign uses Google Street View images to show how Vancouver’s homeless crisis has grown.

Blog / June 22, 2018

Rethink worked with RainCity Housing, a not-for-profit, to launch a campaign to support the need for affordable and social housing across the Greater Vancouver Area. The campaign allows users to toggle between Google Street View images taken in the last four years and see how the number of people identifying as homeless has increased across Metro Vancouver. The initiative launched the same week as modular housing becomes available for those living on the street in one of the campaign’s highlighted areas, 135A Street in Surrey.

The City of Vancouver’s latest homeless count found an increase of 2% since last year, marking a 21% increase in those identifying as homeless since 2014. The most recent stats from Metro Vancouver show a similar story, with a 30% increase in homelessness between 2014 and 2017, as determined during last year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count.

“The Google Street View images in our campaign, much like the counts, are just snapshots in time of a much larger issue. The campaign images show homelessness in the Greater Vancouver Area is changing our cities, but that there is a solution in providing affordable and social housing, and we need to show our support around it,” says Aaron Munro, Associate Director at RainCity Housin

RainCity Housing hopes their “Vancouver Street View” campaign will get people to contact their local municipality to show their support for social housing in their neighbourhood.