New logo for Toronto-based audio house uses sound to redesign itself.

Blog / November 28, 2017

To help launch Toast + Jam as a top-tier audio house in tune with the needs of advertising creative directors and producers, we worked to develop a dynamic wordmark that actively redesigns itself with sound. This new Toast + Jam identity brings to life the notion that when audio is done right – when it really strikes a chord – it changes the way you perceive all aspects of your creative work, including the visual.

We are of course firm believers in the power that sound has on visuals and the team really captured that essence in this design,” says Thomas Neuspiel, Creative Director at Toast + Jam.

Using openFrameworks, we developed an app that translates the unique rhythm, pitch, and tempo of any piece of audio into movement within the Toast + Jam logo. The native app accesses the device’s microphones to detect changing audio, allowing potential clients to engage with the logo using anything from their voice, to their favourite song.

As the first touchpoint for clients, it solidifies Toast + Jam as an audio house that listens – even at the logo level – to create premium work that truly makes change.