UNIQLO proves the only thing more Canadian than flannel, is giving it away.

Blog / September 21, 2017

UNIQLO Canada opened a completely empty pop-up store in Toronto so that Canadians could be the ones to stock it with flannel. Customers who came in to try on flannel shirts were given two choices: they could keep it, or hang it up for a newcomer to Canada.

Every single person who came in decided to give up their flannel — literally giving the shirt off their back. The walls of the reverse pop-up space, which started out bare, soon filled up with shirts for Canadian newcomers, who later arrived to find out that the shirts had been put there for them by others.

The campaign also went beyond the pop-up activation. The clothing brand gave flannel shirts to other influential locals like radio host Brent Albrecht and The Remix Project’s Bryan Brock, so they could help give out the shirts to others in their communities who were new to Canada.