Scratchable postcard shows how you can help uncover a cure for Alzheimer’s disease

Blog / March 3, 2017

For Brain Awareness Week, the Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia distributed scratchable postcards across B.C. to show how financial support can make Alzheimer’s disease less isolating.

The interactive postcard features a lone man surrounded by the word “ALZHEIMER’S” printed using scratchable ink. It invites recipients to help uncover a cure by using a coin to scratch away the letters, revealing the memories, relationships and freedom that are often hidden by Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our goal was to create an interactive piece to demonstrate how important financial contributions are to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias” says Barbara Lindsay, Director of Advocacy & Education and Marketing & Communications of the Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia. “This tangible connection – putting real money to work against the disease is a beautiful metaphor for how big a difference a small donation can make, not just in finding a cure, but for funding of education and support as well.”

Other work we’ve created for the Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia include a Brain Scan PSA that shows how life’s most important memories can slip away:

And a 30-ft wall of sticky notes arranged to form the word “Remember” with each note carrying a printed reminder to participate in the Alzheimer’s Society of B.C.’s annual Walk for Memories.

The wall slowly dissolved over the course of the day as passersby took the notes as a lasting reminder; symbolic of the memory loss experienced by those with Alzheimer’s disease.