World’s First Gingerbread Ping Pong Table Serves Up Festive Fun

Blog / December 16, 2016

For this year’s holiday card, we’ve created the world’s first gingerbread ping pong table to share with our clients and suppliers. The regulation sized holiday masterpiece, used over 50 square ft of gingerbread, 15 kg of icing. 

The massive cookie took over 10 hours in the oven, 50 hours to craft, and required some special touches from Eshun Mott, a well-known food stylist. Coming in at over 200,000 calories, it would be approximately 700 hours of ping pong play to burn it all off.

But how is one of the industry’s favourite pastimes unique to us? Ping pong is held in high regard here at Rethink and goes beyond having ping pong boardroom tables and an Atari Pong style mural. Ping pong provides the perfect metaphor for communication and we live by: The Ping Pong Ball Theory. We believe clear communication starts with single-mindedness. Throw one ping pong ball to someone and they’ll catch it. Throw five and they won’t catch any. 

“Ping Pong Theory is a rule that Rethinkers follow everyday. It’s always inside us, and we wanted it to be inside our clients, suppliers and trusted partners too,” says partner and creative director Dré Labre. 

Ping pong and nog pong (think beer pong with eggnog) were played on the table before it was cut into over a thousand pieces, packaged in custom numbered boxes and sent to clients and suppliers to thank them for the year we’ve shared.