Green Screen Made From Grass In New Spot For Scotts

Blog / September 29, 2016

Scotts Canada has set out to prove that their Turf Builder Green Max lawn food was so effective at enhancing the natural greening process of grass that their turf could be used as a fully functioning green screen.

Scotts Turf Builder Green Max is a 2-in-1 lawn food containing an iron supplement that delivers a deep green in just 3 days.

“After feeding the grass, we successfully tested it as a fully functional green screen. The endless creative possibilities were only limited by our imagination. This living demo, did a fantastic job delivering on the brand promise,” explains Scotts Canada Director of Marketing, Glenn Martin.

The spot launched on Facebook during the Toronto International Film Festival to also target movie production buffs.

But the nearly 150 year old lawn care brand didn’t stop with just the spot. Throughout the summer, they went out and fed other lawns in high traffic areas such as Toronto’s Regent Park with Turf Builder Green Max. Once the grass was green enough, they turned it into a live demo where passers-by could participate in the world’s first grass green screen.

Before lying down in the grass to be green screened and photographed by professional photographer Stephen MacLeod, participants were able to select from a variety of scenes including the Pyramids:

Falling through the air:

And shark infested waters:

Here’s a look at the reviews for the grass green screen around the web: