Seven Tips To Nab Your First Account Service Role

Blog / July 25, 2016

By Caleb Goodman

1. Your CV should be one page. You have little-to-no experience. And that’s ok.

2. Avoid gimmicks. No origami, songs, or gifts. I’ve seen it all and the best way to stand out is with your personality, communication style and enthusiasm.

3. You don’t have the experience, but you might have the chops. Look for opportunities to demonstrate your rigor, attitude, and resourcefulness.

4. Learn about the job by having coffees with past interns or first year account people.



5. In any meeting, know the agency’s main clients, senior staff, and recent award wins. Have a pulse on the industry and brands doing interesting things.

6. Ask lots of questions. Curiosity goes a long way.

7. Send a follow up note the next day. A simple email is fine. Send a card if you really want to go for it. But avoid any gimmicks (see point 2.)