Kevin Pillar takes out target on drone from 150ft away

Blog / May 31, 2016

“Superman” Kevin Pillar, the Toronto Blue Jays’ starting centre-fielder, is best known for his glove. But with the help of Sport Chek, as well as some stationary and drone targets,  Pillar’s arm might be getting more attention this season.  

Pillar warms up by gunning down targets out at 2nd and 3rd (he had 30 outfield assists last year).

He then takes things to the next level, when a fast moving drone carrying a 12 inch target appears down the third base line and from 150 feet away Pillar takes out the moving target.

Pillar took to Instagram to share his skills.

He even gave a shout-out to Steven Stamkos and Kyle Lowry, other pro-athletes who have been a part of Sport Chek’s Next Level Training:

Lowry was impressed.

So were a few other folks:

Nailed it, Superman.