This pre-roll for Weed B Gon allows you to choose between ‘Skipping the Ad’ or ‘Killing the Weed’

Blog / April 27, 2016

Scotts Ecosense Weed B Gon (™) has launched an innovative YouTube pre-roll ad that uses the ‘skip ad’ mechanism to show how their product works.  

Here’s a look at how it works:

Instead of forcing people to watch the entire 30-second pre-roll about an annoying weed named ‘Prickly’, viewers are given a choice to either ‘Skip the Ad’ or to ‘Kill Prickly’. If they click the ‘Kill Prickly’ button, the video jumps ahead to a product demonstration of Weed B Gone, which means Prickly’s demise.

This use of the ‘skipping’ mechanism as part of a product demo is the first time YouTube’s pre-roll has been used in this way, and communicates Weed B Gon’s message of reducing annoying weeds by getting to them faster. 

“Leveraging an innovative new YouTube feature in combination with fun, irreverent content, we have have been able deliver key brand messages to a new generation of lawn care enthusiasts.” Glenn Martin, Director of Marketing, Scotts Canada.

The pre-roll is part of a larger campaign that includes the character Prickly appearing as a nuisance in-store, online, and in social media going live this spring.  

For such an annoying weed, the response so far has been pretty positive: