Camera shop parodies Apple’s “shot on an iPhone” ads

Blog / April 18, 2016

A Canadian photography store chain specializing in DSLR cameras launched a cheeky series of outdoor posters parodying Apple’s well-known “shot on an iPhone 6” campaign. We created a series of posters for Lens & Shutter intended to highlight the various shortcomings of cell phone photography.

Each execution focuses on a different common issue with phone cameras: digital zoom pixelation, motion blur, low light, and even a big blurry thumb in front of a photo of a newborn infant. The headline, which simply reads “shot on a phone”, a light-hearted parody of Apple’s campaign and phone photography in general.

“Smartphone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds, but they’re still far from perfect,” points out Lens & Shutter owner Roy King. “For shooting in less-than-ideal conditions, or for capturing those once in a lifetime moments that you really don’t want to miss, there’s still no substitute for the real thing.”

And the creative community is sharing the laughs and LOLs: